Those who want to know more by their profession...

... are in the right place! Dear members of the press, we also welcome you to the new Website of the Department of Computer Science at Goethe University.

If you are looking for a contact person, interview partner, or background information, you can find it here. Given the broad range of research topics that we have in Frankfurt, you will find a good selection of experts in various special topics.

In addition to questions about the research, we will gladly answer your questions about studying at the Institute for Computer Science as well.

For further information, please contact our Directorate.

You can find current as well as archived press releases, press photos for download, press events, and general information about the Institute for Computer Science at Goethe University here.

Included in the regular events of the Institute are pupil studies, the Days of Computer Science, computer science pre-courses, various computer science competitions, the trial days of Goethe University, and Girl's Day in Frankfurt.(Links in German)

For the press work of the Institute, we work closely with the Department of Marketing and Communications of Goethe University.


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