Our Research in Frankfurt

Research is an integral part of our Institutes Mission. We do research here in Frankfurt and we are connected with researchers all over the world.
Our research areas are broad, we cover a wide variety of subjects, also in cooperation with other universities, research institutions and commercial industries both locally and worldwide.

Key indicators of research activity, such as publications, research grant awards, postgraduate research degree awards and knowledge transfer activities confirm our growing ability to undertake and deliver top class research in a broad array of
subject areas.

The list of Professors of our Institute can be seen here: (link
to Professorinnen und Professoren)

Here are some of our Research Areas:

Foundations of Computer Science

System-based Computer Science

Applications of Computer Science

Overarching Fields


The list of the Chairs of the Institute you can find here.

Our Institut für is also Shareholder of the Leibniz-Centre of Computer Science "Schloss Dagstuhl", a internationally established Meeting Centre of Computer Science.

Internationally leading Top Researchers, promising Young Scientists and Practitioners meet here to talk about their current Research.


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