Bachelor's degree in computer science

Computer science is one of the most important key areas of science for society in the 21st Century. From mobile phones, personal computers, the Internet to a diverse variety of applications (automotive, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, transport planning, etc....), technological development is closely linked with the knowledge of processing information efficiently. The progress in this area is rapid.



  • have logical thinking and abstraction skills
  • have fun with mathematical questions
  • have stamina and endurance
  • have a good knowledge of the English language or the willingness to acquire it quickly. (Sprachkurse der Uni) (Link in German)


  • provide a broad theoretical, practical, and technical knowledge base
  • lay the foundation for your future broadening, deepening, and specialization in the computer science field
  • offer a wide range of application (In German) fields to get to know the interdisciplinary applications of computer science
  • support you through foundational courses (In German) and a peer-mentoring program during the transition from high school to university.


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