Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a young and rapidly developing science that overlaps into areas of computer science, life science, chemistry, and medicine. An important milestone in bioinformatics was the successful decryption of the human genome. Other key questions relate to protein folding and structure prediction (secondary or tertiary structure), the interaction of proteins with ligands, genealogical tree estimates, the computerized processing and analysis of biological data, and much more.


  • have logical thinking and abstraction skills
  • have fun with mathematical questions
  • have stamina and endurance
  • have a good knowledge of the English language


  • provide a broad theoretical, practical, and technical knowledge base in computer science, biology, and  bioinformatics
  • lay the foundation to enables youre further studies in bioinformatics master or PhD program
  • support you through foundational courses (In German) and a peer-mentoring program during the transition from  high school to university.


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