Master’s degree in computer science

... more than just an intersection between computer science and business administration

As an interdisciplinary science, computer science deals with economic theory, development, and application of information and communication systems—especially in corporate areas like the management of business processes.


  • have a professional university degree in computer science (with a concentration in business administration) or economics (with a computer science concentration)
  • possess logical thinking and abstraction skills
  • have a solid math skill set and knowledge to handle formal techniques



  • teach you necessary basics in a two-semester design phase
  • provide you with research-based knowledge and skills in the areas of


o Information systems

o Simulation

o Artificial Intelligence

o E-business

o Process and Supply Chain Management

o IT solutions in the financial sector

  • prepare you for leadership positions in  industry, government, and science sectors by giving you high methodological expertise and strong practical experience


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