Computer Science in Frankfurt, because...

  • the most energy-efficient Supercomputer in Europe was built here, the LOEWE-CSC

  • Frankfurt as traditional Fair- and Trading Centre offers a very interesting jobmarket, on which IT-Knowledge highly requested is

  • the Institute of Computer Science cooperates strongly with the business world and through that Students got very good Practice Possibilities
  • here at the Joint Robotics Lab (JRL) the "Bembel Bots" were developed - Robots, which are competing in an University Football League against other "teams"

  • the Frankfurt Institute of Computer Science in Cooperation with the Institut of Technologie in Karlsruhe (KIT) holds the world record in energy-efficient Data Processing

  • the Goethe Web Science-Initiative was developed here, in whose framework the impacts of the growth of the Web from the perspective of different sciences are studied

  • here the Goethe Center for Scientific Computing is to be found, where software and algorithms are developed, to represent problems from physics, mathematics and Engineering
  • Computer Science in Frankfurt can be studied as Minor (In German) combined with some very interesting Majors, if you are already immatriculated in another course of study

  • the Bachelor Computer Science and Bioinformatics can be studied also part-time
  • Graduates get advise, support and promotion for their start-up.

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